Zildjian 16" S Family Trash Crash

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Revolutionary Sound at a Revolutionary Price.
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Zildjian's 16" S Series Trash Crash has been specially developed to bring you an authentic Zildjian feel with never-before-heard tones. Break into the music industry with this cymbal’s wide array of tonal color that you won’t find anywhere else.

Artisanally crafted from Zildjian’s signature B12 alloy, the S Series Trash Crash is hand hammered and expertly lathed to bring you a weight and feel that fits into your set just the way you want. More than that, though, the Zildjian 16" S Series Trash Crash will give your kit a revolutionary new sound without sacrificing your budget.

Features of this cymbal include:

  • Brilliant Finish
  • High Pitch
  • Bright Sound
  • Short Sustain
  • General Volume
  • Thin Weight