Zildjian 19" Armand Beautiful Baby Ride

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A loving tribute to Armand Ziljdian.
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To Armand Ziljdian, everything was “beautiful, baby.”

This 19” Beautiful Baby Ride encapsulates and memorializes the man who put these cymbals onto some of the greatest drummers the world has ever seen. This ride re-imagines the signature sound of the cymbals.

  • A re-creation of Armand Zildjian's favorite ride cymbal
  • Bears Armand's catchphrase and laser-engraved signature
  • Expertly crafted from Zildjian's 500-year-old B20 bronze alloy of tin, copper, and
  • Vintage characteristics
  • Smokey, dark, and traditional
  • 3 rivets provide just the right amount of sizzle and sustain
  • Great stick definition - voiced for jazz ride patterns
  • Soft crash is appropriate for subtle accents