Zildjian 20" K Constantinople Medium Thin High Ride

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Dry overtones with silky decay.
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Finally give your kit what it needs; a Ride Cymbal with a no-nonsense accent. The dark and warm Constantinople 20” Ride is what it sounded like when the Zildjian made these cymbals in the first half of the twentieth century. There are classic “Old K” dry overtones that deliver a smooth and silky decay with these unique and powerful cymbals. These Zildjians are hand-lathed by skilled artisans with a technique that gives them a pure, unmatched tone. The ride is easy to control and doesn’t get washy unless you tell it to. The 20” K Constantinople is sure to give you a distinctive, lush sound that can’t be replicated.

  • Fabulous vintage feel
  • Dark, warm, lush sound
  • Hand-lathed by skilled artisans using old-style tool cuttings
  • Medium thin
  • Cast bronze
  • Medium bell size with blend balance