Zildjian 22" S Family Medium Ride

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Sleek and Sensational.
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This Zildjian is perfect for you. Want to know how we know? Because this S Series is perfect for everyone. The most versatile cymbal yet, this mid-range instrument is suitable for the precise type of music you play, whether that be Hip-Hop, Rock, or even Smooth Jazz.

This sensational, all-purpose ride provides a play you won’t easily forget. In fact, if you could test play this cymbal, you would be begging us to let you take it home  thanks to the impossibly clean stick response and clearly defined bell. Not only that, but when you decide to buy this cymbal, you also receive features such as:

  • Brilliant Finish
  • Low to Mid Pitch
  • Bright Sound
  • Long Sustain
  • Medium Weight