Zildjian S Family Performer Cymbal Set

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Bright, expressive, built to last.
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After two years of intensive research and design, the Zildjian line has introduced a new modern cymbal voice called the S Family. Designed with versatility, this collection of bright and expressive cymbals are built to output a balanced frequency response. Constructed with cast alloy material and a brilliant finish, this Zildjian is built to last. The S Family Performer Cymbal set is ready to go with any genre of music or style. Everything you need to get started or upgrade your kit is delivered in this pack. The set includes a pair of 14” S Mastersound Hi-Hats, 16” and 18” S medium thin crashes, and a 20” S Medium Ride.

  • Rich and balanced sound supports a wide range of styles
  • Good blend and highs and lows - smoky, full, and shimmery
  • Excels for rock, pop, country, and funk
  • Machine hammering for a bright sound and even dynamics
  • Lathed top and bottom for openness and sustain
  • Brilliant finish for projection and top-end shimmer