Shopping for a Beginner Pianist

Whether you're looking to pickup your first piano, or trying to buy the right gift for the beginner pianist in your life, the selection can be a little overwhelming. We've done the best we can at Sims to take the guess-work out of it. Thankfully we have several wonderful options at varying price points. One of the first distinctions to consider when buying for your new player is getting a digital piano verses a portable keyboard. On a spectrum, the digital piano sits closer to the classic acoustic piano, while the keyboard rests on the other end of the spectrum. The digital piano often maintains the 6 octaves of the traditional, acoustic piano, with added portability and technological functionality. Digital pianos also come with a much preferred feature, weighted keys. This is the most desired feature for a pianist, as it gives the convenience of owning a smaller, more portable instrument, without sacrificing the feel of a real piano. This year we have several different options from Yamaha with weighted action such as the P45, the P125, and the CDP-S150. 

The Yamaha P45 is a great beginner option. It's a full scale, 88 key digital piano. As stated before, this keyboard has weighted keys, featuring high quality sampled sounds including multiple piano voices, electric pianos, strings, harpsichord, & marimba.

The major difference between the P45 and the P125 is that the P125 has a higher note count before drop off. Compared to the 42 note limit of the P45, the P125 can play 195 notes before they drop out. This means a richer, more resonant sound. 

Digital pianos do come at a higher price point, so if you are little hesitant to spend the money for a digital piano, then a portable keyboard may be the perfect fit. Keyboards typically have fewer octaves than digital pianos and are lighter weight, which increases portability. Yamaha portable keyboards (starting around $100) come with semi weighted action, nice speakers, and inexpensive stands and accessories. Portable keyboards also come with hundreds of sounds, which help keep young ones interested and encourage your aspiring music producer. The Yamaha PSR-E263, PSRE363, and EW300 are all great places to start. Take a look at the different models on our site, and come by if you'd like to chat the differences between the models with our keyboard specialist Bill Blackwelder.

Bill has been playing piano and synth for most of his life. Bill is an expert when it comes to navigating digital keyboards and learning how to get the best sound out of your keyboard. Bill is dedicated to helping you find the best gift for your beginner musician.




Adrian Gonzalez