dB Technologies Opera Reevo 212T Active LoudSpeaker 120v

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This speaker delivers an astounding sound pressure level and exceptional low-end extension, housed in a sleek, accessible enclosure designed for top-notch sound quality anywhere.
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Experience Astonishing Sound Definition and Touring-Grade Performance with Opera REEVO 212

Prepare for an unparalleled audio journey with the Opera REEVO 212 from dBTechnologies. This speaker delivers an astounding sound pressure level and exceptional low-end extension, housed in a sleek, accessible enclosure designed for top-notch sound quality anywhere.

Unmatched Acoustic Design:

The Quasi 3-way configuration produces a vigorous yet pristine sound, setting a new benchmark in its category. Inspired by dBTechnologies' esteemed touring series, this bold acoustic design represents a significant leap forward in the active speaker series.

Impeccable Sound Translation:

The Opera REEVO 212 flawlessly translates the mix, excelling particularly with complex musical material rich in the midrange region. This clarity and separation significantly impact any performance, thanks to the coaxial acoustic design. The front Integrated HF horn with diamond-shaped cutouts ensures high frequency reproduction without comb filtering, enhancing the upper woofer's efficiency.

Enhanced Efficiency and Performance:

Innovative phase plugs improve the lower woofer's efficiency, enhancing transient response and overall behavior. Low noise reflex ports integrated into the front molding, featuring a honeycomb structure, reduce turbulence caused by the high airflow of this high SPL powerhouse.

Advanced Amplification and DSP Processing:

Powered by a Class-D Digipro G2 amplifier delivering an impressive 1050W RMS and 2100W Peak power, this speaker boasts advanced DSP processing. FIR linear phase filters provide coherent audio performance, delivering uniform and crystal-clear sound. The Opera REEVO 212 offers factory-tailored voicing presets, adaptable for various scenarios, from wedge stage monitors to standalone full-range PA systems.

Versatile Design and Mounting Options:

The cleverly designed box shape combines cutting-edge aesthetics with practicality. The Opera REEVO 212 functions perfectly as a wedge stage monitor, on classic speaker stands, or when paired with a subwoofer on a 36mm standard pole. Additionally, it can be suspended thanks to the integrated 3x M10 threaded eyebolts, making it ideal for permanent installations.

Compact Yet Powerful Build:

Despite its compact size, the REEVO 212 delivers an output SPL of 133 dB. Featuring 2x Neodymium woofers (12”) and a 1.75” coaxial compression driver, this speaker maintains a lightweight build at 20.4 Kg / 44 lbs.

Seamless Rendition and Wide Dispersion:

Opera REEVO 212 ensures outstanding voicing, making it perfect for critical speech applications like corporate events or houses of worship. With a wide nominal dispersion of 100°x80°, consistent coverage is guaranteed from every listening position.

Speaker Type

  • Quasi 3-Way Active Speaker

Acoustical Data

  • Frequency Response [-10dB]: 48 - 20,000 Hz
  • Frequency Response [-6dB]: 52 - 19,200 Hz
  • Max SPL: 133 dB
  • HF: 1" Exit CD, 1.75" v.c.
    • Type HF: Compression driver
    • Horizontal Directivity: 100°
    • Vertical Directivity: 80°
    • Horn: Asymmetrical Horn
  • LF: 2x 12" Neo, 2.5" v.c.


  • Amp Technology: Digipro G2 with SMPS
  • Amp Class: Class D
  • RMS Power: 1050 W (525W + 525W)
  • Peak Power: 2100 W (1050W + 1050W)


  • Controller: DSP 28/56 bit
  • AD/DA Converter: 24 bit/48 KHz
  • CrossOver Frequency: 1260 Hz
  • Limiter: Peak, RMS, Thermal
  • Advanced DSP Functions: Linear Phase FIR Filters


  • Signal Input: 1x Combo (XLR/Jack 6.3 mm) Line
  • Signal Output: 1x XLR Male (True link)
  • Controls: Gain (rotary), Preset (Flat, Playback, Wedge)


  • Housing: Polypropylene
  • Grille: Full grille
  • Handles: 1 on left Side, 1 on Top
  • Rigging Points: 2x M10 on Top + 1x M10 on Back
  • Pole Mount: D36 mm
  • Width: 345 mm (13.58 in)
  • Height: 690 mm (27.17 in)
  • Depth: 376 mm (14.8 in)
  • Weight: 20.4 kg (44 lbs)