Zildjian 22" K Constantinople Medium Thin Low Ride

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Plenty of give, texture and "crashability." Combination of top articulation and bottom spread provides excellent stick articulation. Lower in pitch.
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You want a product with a whole lot of pros and virtually no cons? This Zildjian is a medium thin, low ride cymbal capable of producing a revolutionary, high quality sound. The wide surface area of this cymbal provides a massive range of frequencies paired with plenty of “crashability.”

Purchasing these Constantinople products, you can be sure to play with the rich, warm sound of the original Zildjians distinctive of the early part of the 20th century.

Features of this product include:

●  Traditional finish with retained pitting and surface impurities
●  Low to Mid-Pitch
●  Mid Sound
●  General Volume
●  Medium Thin Weight
●  Made using old-age style cutting tools
●  Authentic, balanced look

This handcrafted, new-age instrument plays like an original and is sure to be the highlight of your collection.