Finding the Perfect Ludwig Kit

For just about all of us, when we think drums...we think Ludwig. From their legendary appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show with a young Ringo Starr behind them to being played by today's greats like Nate Smith and Questlove, they have been at the center of the drum world. While many of us dream to own a high end Ludwig Classic Maple kit, that may not be possible or even necessary for us all. While they have always maintained world class craftsmanship with their USA made drums, they have never forgotten about the young, aspiring drummer who needs quality gear to help light their passion for drums on fire. For many years, they have been the industry leader for all inclusive (stands and cymbals included) drum kits for young beginners, garage band rockstars, and gigging musicians who need to quality while staying budget friendly.

At Sims, we are proud to stock the full spread of Ludwig drums so that we can accommodate the needs of any level of drummer. Starting with the Ludwig Pocket Kit for the young drummers, to the Accent Series for any age of beginner, to the upgraded Element Evolution series and beyond...we've got them all! Take a look below to learn more about each series and see which kit fits you or your drummer's needs! If you have any questions or would like us to assist you in picking out the right kit, please contact us and we will be happy to help! 

Ludwig Pocket Kit

This kit is the perfect kit for a young, aspiring drummer for ages 4-8 years old. It comes complete with stands, cymbals, throne, and pedal! Everything your little drummer needs to get rocking!

Ludwig Accent Kit

Whether you are looking for a kit for a young beginner or an adult wanting to get started, the Accent kit is a great fit. Complete with all the stands, cymbals, and accessories needed. 

Ludwig Element Evolution

The perfect kit for an intermediate drummer or even a more advanced player looking for quality at a more budget friendly price point. Complete with nice hardware and Zildjian cymbals and tuned and assembled by the Sims crew!

Ludwig Classic Maple

While Ludwig may have great drums at lower price ranges, they are the pioneers and kings of high end, USA made drums. Built right in Monroe, NC, there is no greater quality setup than a Ludwig Classic Maple kit!


Justin Sims