New Ludwig "Universal" Snares!

There's nothing quite like a Ludwig snare, and the new Universal Series from Ludwig are some of the best we've seen!

Ludwig 6.5x14 Universal Cherry Snare

The Cherry snare brings an entirely new and unexpected sound to the sonic library. The natural Cherry shell delivers a heavy "punch in the gut" sound with more tone and body than you can imagine! A clear winner when you are looking for a new sound that delivers a focused, throaty attack that will get everyone's attention. Check it out here!

Ludwig 7x13 Universal Brass Snare with Chrome

Modeled after Ludwig's famous Black Beauty, emphasizing optimal response, sensitivity, and dark warm tones. The Universal Metal Brass drum delivers a rich, dynamic range suitable for various tuning ranges and head combinations. Check it out here!

Ludwig 6.5x14 Universal Beech Snare

Beech has a distinct sound with a clear musical voice. Ludwig's Universal Beech snare delivers pristine press roles and an aggressive "cut" when played forcefully. Rimshots and cross-sticks are bright and crystal clear. Beech undoubtedly fits the bill if you're looking for a new sound that will be noticed on the bandstand or in the studio. Check it out here!