The BRAND NEW Taylor GT811e Grand Theater | First Impressions

What’s up everybody!?

Today is an exciting day for guitar players - especially for Taylor guitar fans. Today, Taylor is releasing the all new GT 811 and GT 811e. We were super pumped to be one of the first of twenty-one dealers who received this great guitar early. From the moment we opened up the case, we knew that this guitar was special and unlike something Taylor has ever done. This guitar is a part of their new GT (Grand Theater) Series. This series features a new body style that is unique because it is slightly bigger than the GS mini but slightly smaller than guitars from the Grand Concert series.

For the longest time, the GS mini was the only “stage worthy” Taylor smaller scale guitar. However with this new GT 811e, I believe that Taylor has once again innovated and pushed the limits which has ultimately led to the release of this guitar. When you pickup this quality instrument, you will immediately realize how well the body sits and feels in your hands. Taylor has created this guitar with a 24- 1/8 inch scale length. On top of that they made the neck out of Neo-tropical mahogany which not only looks great but also has a very smooth and comfortable finish and feel. The fretboard is also made from Smoky Crelicam Ebony which also has a 1-23/32-inch nut width. Taylor has also stocked this guitar with smoked nickel mini tuners which gives it a really classy aesthetic. Let’s be honest, there is not much more classic and timeless than good old rosewood on a great acoustic. This GT 811e comes with beautiful Indian rosewood on its back and sides. Not only does it look incredible, but it also sounds astounding.



When I was demoing and playing this guitar the first thing I remembered thinking was how well this thing plays and sounds. It truly is it’s own animal. I believe that this guitar is something very unique for Taylor Guitars. In playing it, I immediately noticed how consistent it played up and down the neck. It also has extraordinary low end for being a smaller body guitar. Whether I was playing chords or ripping up on the neck, I quickly learned how truly great this guitar is. It adds to the outstanding reputation that comes to mind when thinking of Taylor Guitars.

The bottom line is that this new GT 811e is a very worthy and wonderful addition to the Taylor line up. With this new GT series, Taylor is delivering guitars that offer great comfort with ideal playing capabilities. I cannot stress enough on how impressed I am specifically with this new GT 811e. Weather you’re looking for a guitar to tour and gig with, or just for a guitar to keep on the couch, guitars from the GT series are the way to go. Can’t wait for you guys to play this awesome acoustic. You’re gonna love it!

Stay safe and rock on!

Blaine Williams