Bourns Mini 500k Dual Taper Potentiometer, Solid Shaft

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The Bourns Mini 500k Dual Taper Potentiometer is ideal for audio circuits like guitars and amplifiers. Its 500k ohm resistance allows for precise volume and tone control.
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The Bourns Mini 500k Dual Taper Potentiometer with a Solid Shaft is a high-quality component designed for use in various electronic circuits, particularly in audio applications such as guitars and amplifiers. With a resistance of 500k ohms, this potentiometer offers precise control over the volume or tone of the circuit it is incorporated into. Featuring a dual taper design, it allows for smooth and accurate adjustments, providing both linear and audio taper responses. This means that the volume or tone changes gradually and predictably as the knob is turned, ensuring a natural and satisfying user experience. The solid shaft construction ensures durability and stability, making it suitable for applications where frequent adjustments are required. The threaded brass shaft allows for easy installation and secure attachment to control knobs. With its compact size and reliable performance, the Bourns Mini 500k Dual Taper Potentiometer is an excellent choice for electronics enthusiasts and professionals alike seeking precise control and dependable operation in their projects.

  • Resistance: 500k ohms
  • Taper: Dual
  • Shaft Type: Solid
  • Shaft Material: Brass
  • Shaft Diameter: 0.236" (6 mm)
  • Shaft Length: 3/8" (0.375")
  • Pot Diameter: 17 mm (0.669")
  • Tolerance: +/-20%
  • Thread Pitch: 3/8-32NEF