D'Addario 1" Braided Mandolin Strap - Brown/Cream

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The D'Addario Leather Mandolin Strap line features premium leather that is safe for all finishes and safely attaches to the instrument without risk of scratches or damage. The braided fabric measures one inch wide and can be adjusted for length. All D'Addario mandolin strap ends can be mounted on F or A-style mandolins. Available in brown/cream and black.


  • 1" cradle style mandolin strap
  • Multiple holes in strap, for adjustable length
  • Available in 2 color-ways
  • Highly durable



  • Material: Fabric
  • Strap End Type: Leather end
  • Width: Less than 1"
  • Length: 20" - 22"
  • Padded: No