Focusrite Scarlett Solo 4th Generation Audio Interface

Focusrite Scarlett Solo 4th Generation Audio Interface

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Incredible preamps. Colossal dynamic range. Re-engineered Air mode for big studio sound. Auto Gain and Clip Safe. All the software you need.
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Incredible preamps. Colossal dynamic range. Re-engineered Air mode for big studio sound. Auto Gain and Clip Safe. All the software you need.


Flagship converters.

When you hit the red button, you're recording with professional-grade, 192kHz, 24-bit converters direct from our flagship RedNet interfaces - as found in countless high-end studios around the world. Build up your songs, layer after layer, and never worry about noise. Squeeze every last drop of detail out of your recordings without sacrificing sound quality.

Remote-controlled 4th Generation Preamps.

Ready for the softest vocal or the loudest amp, 2i2 nd 4i4 feature the high-detail, ultra-low-noise 4th Gen to capture every part of the performance.

Studio-quality Hi-Z and line inputs.

Use Hi-Z instrument inputs, like you'd find on an amp, and make guitars sound great for DI's and amp sims. Super-high-quality line inputs capture all the character of your synths and keys. 

Auto Gain sets the perfect level.

Just hit the button and play for ten seconds, 2i2 and 4i4 will set the perfect level for whatever you’re recording. Go where the music takes you. Scarlett chooses the ideal gain setting to make the most of its massive dynamic range while giving you tonnes of headroom.

Clip Safe means you’ll never lose a take.

Plug in to 2i2 or 4i4, and while you’re playing, Clip Safe is all ears, checking your levels up to 96,000 times a second – more than the most careful studio engineer. Clip Safe will automatically adjust the gain if you’re at risk of clipping, protecting your audio from distortion. No compression. No limiting. No effect on your sound. Lose yourself in the music, without losing any takes.


Air mode - Presence.

The sound of Focusrite's® iconic Studio Console. Presence mode boosts your signal's high-end, bringing the sound to the front of the mix. Create intimate vocal recordings, capture every detail of acoustic guitars, and hear your drum overheads shimmer.

Air mode - Harmonic Drive.

Make your lead vocal and instrument tracks stand out. Harmonic Drive mode boosts mid-range harmonics in your sound, making its unique character shine through the mix. Try it on guitars, vocals, or anything else that needs a little more punch. But be careful, you'll never want to record without it again. 

Colossal 120dB dynamic range.

Dynamic range is the difference between the loudest and quietest sounds you can record or play back. It give you all the little details that bring your sound to life. Scarlett's 120dB is so high, it's like the difference between a jet engine and a whisper. Get all the detail you want without sacrificing headroom.

Custom-designed headphone amp.

Our all-new headphones amp design sets the stage for the best playback you've ever heard from a Scarlett interface, driving high-impedance headphones louder and clearer than ever before. And every Scarlett now has independent controls for your headphones and monitors, too.


Need samples? Grab your own with Loopback. Every 4th Gen Scarlett makes it easy to grab stereo audio from your music apps.

All the software you need to make a hit record.

Once you've got started with Ableton Live Lite or three months of Pro Tools Artist recording software (both included), the Hitmaker Expansion bundle has everything you need to bring big studio sound to your songs, with an unbeatable range of record-making studio tools from the biggest names in the business.

Focusrite Control 2
Focusrite Control 2 is a powerful app for your Scarlett to make session setup painless, so you can focus on what matters — capturing great performances. Available for PC and Mac.
Easy Start
Need help getting set up? Just tell our Easy Start tool what you want to do and we’ll guide you through all the software and setup you need, with recording tips and other helpful content along the way.