Zildjian 14 1/4" K Custom Hybrid Hats

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Shimmering sheen and dark-bright combo.
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Put the K in Your Kit and grab the 14 1⁄4” Zildjian K Custom Hybrid Hats to complete your set up. The hybrid hats give you cymbals that feature inimitable, modern sound. One of the main designers on these cymbals was Akira Jimbo, one of Japan’s top drummers.

The outside possesses a lathed edge that increases spread and crashability while the inside sports a buffed center. This is an ideal combination of dark and light that just screams original. The Custom Hybrid Hats are the first choice for musicians that have produced countless records and want a unique and effortless play.

  • Great performance for contemporary styles
  • Cast bronze for premium tone and projection
  • Moderate sustain when splashed giving an open and rich sound
  • Mastersound-style grooves on bottom cymbal provide a pronounced chick