Zildjian 23" K Custom Special Dry Ride

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Unique and beautiful with dirty and funky.
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Elevate your drumming experience with these dirty, funky 23” K Custom Special Dry Rides, chock-full of raw and earthy sounds. Grab these to infuse your drumming with specific undertones that are both dirty and funky. With the integrated bell, this cymbal responds incredibly, giving you a sound like no other. In this collection, the sounds are what sets a modern standard in present-day cymbal design. The cymbals create a unique and beautiful sound that can be attributed to the warm shimmering tones of a ride cymbal or the complex sizzle of the hi-hat.

  • Cast bronze ride cymbal with a solid stick sound
  • Good wash with dirty, funky overtones
  • Integrated bell for incredible responsiveness
  • Better projection, clarity and durability of other cymbals